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SPR and The Armando Alvarez Group

The Armando Alvarez Group is a global leader in plastics manufacturing with over $1 billion in annual sales and a resin throughput of over 650 million pounds.

The company - which manufactures an array of flexible and rigid packaging - has been private and family owned since its founding in 1964. The Group is headquartered in Europe and, until 2014, had been exporting its products around the world from a multitude of European manufacturing facilities.

In 2014 the Armando Alvarez Group further expanded into North America with the acquisition of SPR Packaging. The Group’s current president, José Ramón Alvarez Ribalaygua, recognizes that this new acquisition offers a great opportunity for the Group to continue to innovate and grow in United States and the Americas.

Origins of the Armando Alvarez Group



The origins of the Group go back to the early 1960s with the manufacturing of various types of wooden packaging in small carpentry installations. Subsequently, a company was created for the manufacture of metallic drums for chemical products. It was not until 1964 with the creation of the company Plásticos Españoles, S.A., commonly known as Aspla, that the first company in the Group devoted to the manufacture of plastic materials was born. In 1977 the Group expanded beyond the region of Cantabria with the purchase of the two companies - Reyde, S. A. and Reyenvas, S. A.

Its current position as a leader in the sector was achieved step by step with its strategy of acquiring companies to complement the main product lines of the Group.

The acquisition of companies accelerated in recent history with the inclusion of Silvalac, S.A., Industrias Gráficas Castells, S.A., Plásticos Vanguardia, S.A., Rafia Industrial, S.A., Solplast, S.A., Sotrafa, S.A. and Macresac, S.A.

Aspla-Plásticos Españoles, S. A., which is located in the town of Torrelavega with its noble industrial tradition, is the current headquarters of the Grupo Armando Alvarez. The growth of the Group can be considered exemplary and has been possible thanks to the contribution of its personnel, fully integrated with and committed to, a shared and prosperous future. Its founder, Armando Alvarez Villanueva, conveyed a policy of hard work, tenacity, conviction, and above all dependability in all its operations - which are the keys to the company’s success. The founder’s second generation is already part of the business process with its renewed values to face new challenges.

The Armando Alvarez Group is a world leader in the extrusion and conversion of a wide array of plastic products and packaging..

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